Working Safely During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

And How the IM&M Suite Can Help


Government Responses To The Pandemic And Why You Need To Take Control

The Government advice and guidance is constantly in a state of flux at the moment, and whilst they are doing their upmost to get this right it is a moving target. More importantly what is right for one organisation may not be right for another.

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Problems With Getting Back To Work

There are many issues with getting staff back to work from conducting a comprehensive risk assessment through to individual needs and requirements. We need to plan and constantly review to ensure that we have taken the appropriate steps to keep everyone safe.

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Employee Reservation

There are two main types of people those that are concerned about going back to work and their safety on public transport and in the workplace and those that are going stir crazy and want to go back to work no matter the consequences.

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Remote Working And How This Affects Corporate Culture

Corporate culture plays a really important part in every company, if you lose the culture you lose the heart of the organisation and what makes it special.

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Cost Of Home Working

You might think that home working is a way of reducing costs and in some cases and ways, it can be, however, most organisations still have space that they need to pay for irrespective if it is used or not.

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What Is Going To Happen In The Future

This is not over by any extreme and even if there is a vaccination this is a problem that is going to keep coming back. Like the Flu there is not necessarily a cure if the virus mutates then we need to learn how to adapt.

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Working safely during COVID-19 in offices

The Government issued guidelines on May 11th 2020 for working safely during COVID-19 in office environments. The IM&M Suite can help your business meet these new guidelines.

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HM Government guidance for Working in offices and contact centres

This 32-page guide was issued by the government giving guidance to employers, employees and the self-employed for working safely during COVID-19.

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Actimo Collaboration

Actimo and Nico Consultancy are excited to announce their collaboration which is focused on the common goal of helping businesses make their working environments safe and secure for employees returning back to work post-COVID-19 lockdown.

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What Will Work Look Like After The Pandemic?

We are all probably looking forward to getting back to work, and whilst it is fun to be off for a while, it is starting to be a chore and if you love what you do and miss the comradery of your colleagues then being in “lockdown” has been a nightmare. But what is life going to be like?

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How IM&M Suite Can Help With The Return To Work

One of the biggest lessons we have learnt so far during the COVID-19 crisis is how quickly we can - when the governments and organisations are in unison - have a dramatic effect on the environment.

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Helping You Get Back To Work

IM&M offers a suite of solutions to help you adapt your business to the new guidelines

We are not going to all want to rush back to work so the ability to work from home and come in when necessary to a desk of your choice, near the people you need to work with whilst still maintaining a realistic social distance until we are sure the pandemic is over is not only desirable it is also achievable now. To achieve this end organisations need visibility and control of the building to allow the occupants the flexibility that they demand. Maintaining social distancing will require tools that can recognise that a desk is booked and automatically book out the desks either side and potentially the desk directly across. We can’t stop people standing or sitting too close, but the technology is available to minimise people’s proximity to each other.

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It’s a great time to implement cost effective cutting-edge solutions that could be deployed now with no disruption and will show your employees and tenants that you care about their wellbeing and safety. Employers that take this stride forward will not only retain and recruit more staff, they will be seen as a caring organisation – one that is interested in the wellbeing of its people. We have built upon our occupancy product to enable social distancing in the workplace as part of the government initiative to get UK PLC back to work. Our system allow the organisation to stagger when the people arrive in order to ensure that there are less people using the lifts and entry barriers which are a potential infection point.

We provide wayfinding to desks and meeting rooms so that people are not loitering in the corridors or looking for their desk or meeting room and potentially spreading the virus to a wider section of the building than necessary. If someone unfortunately contracts Covid-19 we will provide the organisation with business intelligent reports of the people who were near the infected person at the time. So that they can test/quarantine the people to minimise and contain the problem.

All we need is a drawing of your office with the desks and meeting rooms, the people and the departments that they are in and we can get you up and running in a few days. Everything is remote so you don’t have to set up any special access and the users simply download an App to access the system. If you want to protect your staff and allow them to return to work safely call or email us now.

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