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Intelligent Building Solutions

IM&M offers an entry point into the rapidly growing 'Intelligent Building Market'. Our software solution, IM&M Suite, can:

  • Lower your carbon emissions
  • Create better working environments
  • Improve efficiencies in overlooked aspects of business and create huge savings
  • Integrate all systems of your business infrastructure into one single view


Inspired by years of consulting in Business IT, we have created 'IM&M Suite' - a powerful suite of software tools to solve recurrent and common problems in business. As you would expect from our leading-edge technologies they are fully compliant with current data security trends and demands.

Occupancy Solution

Get a real-time overview of how your workspaces are being used and make effective decisions to better utilise them.

Connect Solution

Cabling is an essential infrastructure to any business. Our system is flexible enough to manage any cabling infrastructure your business has.

Asset Solution

Keeping an eye on the life-cycle of all of your assets can maximise their value and reduce unneccessary loss to your business.

Smart Dashboard

Our dynamic dashboard is fully customisable and highlights the most relevant and real-time information you need to manage your business.

Occupancy Demo

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Occupancy Solution


  • Typical workspace utilisation in businesses is only 40%. We can bring this up to 85% or more.
  • Set up an agile work environment to maximise your workspaces even further.
  • Automatic sensing with PIR sensors means data is real-time and accurate.
  • Reduce energy use across large areas of your buildings by releasing unused workspaces.

Connect Solution


  • Easy modelling of complete network infrastructure, including copper, fibre and power infrastructure.
  • Centralised drawing repository, maintaining a single source of truth for FM drawings across different products.
  • Underpinning the ISO/IEC 18598 Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) system standard.
  • Reduce move and change costs by planning work ahead of time.

Asset Solution


  • Full life cycle management, from cradle to grave.
  • Financial depreciation support for correct insurance value assessments.
  • Automated asset survey data reduces the need for cumbersome manual surveys.
  • Enforce DPL and security protocols to ensure sensitive data is wiped before disposal.

Smart Dashboard


  • Easily customise the dashboard with a multitude of widget options for your own bespoke business overview.
  • Automatically reacts in real-time to changes across your entire business infrastructure.
  • Suitable to be displayed on large smart displays across your buildings.
  • Alerting system brings important conditions to your attention using impactful visual cues.


IM&M Suite is able to integrate with a multitude of popular protocols and software environments. It fits seamlessly into any IT infrastructure. IM&M Suite is able to integrate with the following:

Any Device, Anywhere

IM&M Suite has been optimised to suit all types of devices to make it truly portable and easy to use. Whether it's using a tablet to make occupancy audits, using a smartphone to update asset inventory or using a smart display across your departments to showcase intelligent widgets, they all seamlessly plug in to the IM&M Suite ecosystem.




Smart Display


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